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Their story started in high school on the affluent shores of Geneva Key. Years later, that same beach would bring them full circle in this second-chance romance filled with secrets and surprises, twists and turns.

An unexpected arrival brought our worlds together...

From the moment I saw Cora walking the halls of our high school, I was drawn to her. From graduation to college, and life beyond, our story wasn’t without its ups and downs. But we had finally settled into happily wedded bliss...

Until a certified letter turned our world upside down.

When I fell for James I was swept up in his plans and aspirations, even choosing the same college to be with him. Until the fear of resentment if I gave up my dreams prompted me to end things and follow my career to Paris. Never had I been happier than when James showed up years later.

Little did either of us know, our time apart had created a secret that could destroy our entire future.

Now, life's unexpected arrivals threatened to tear our world apart.

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