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No connection. No acquaintance. In one night of passion with no expectations, strangers become intimately acquainted. Will one night of lust turn into their happy ever after? Is it simply lust or could it possibly be love at first sight A collection of short stories: four couples, one day, twenty-four passionate hours.

When life takes a wrong turn, Alex does the only thing she can. She rides.
Meeting Chris along the way is the icing on the cake.
After so many years, Chris is shocked to see Alex again. What he introduces her to leaves her shocked to the core, yet aching for more.

Mila never expects the flight from hell to turn into an all-night rendezvous that will leave her aching for more.
Taking her body to heights she's never reached, Tyler makes sure she has a first-class experience.

Sasha Maxwell is a successful, albeit petulant ass with a chip on his shoulder. Claire Weston is an entitled princess with an ax to grind.
Attempting to rid themselves of one another, and the inner demons that haunt them, their encounter is tempestuous.

Shelby has it all – the looks, a beachfront apartment, the car, and … a boyfriend who leaves her to be swept away by the hurricane threatening their hometown.
Mason is an innocent bystander coming to her rescue and getting much more than he bargains for.
Some moments happen by chance; others are fleeting; on rare occasions, they change your life. When two unlikely people meet while fleeing disaster, can their moment withstand life’s constraints or will it pass them by?

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