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Boy meets girl.

Boy falls in love.

Happily ever after.

The end.

If only things were that easy.


You would think being country music's biggest heartthrob, Tyler Hollis, would’ve prepared me for anything a woman could throw at me. But when our tour bus got lost and the GPS went out, I found myself between a woman’s legs and not in the way you’d expect.


Finding Gwen in labor with no time to get her to a hospital, I had no choice but to deliver a stranger’s baby.


Although the ambulance finally arrived, and I knew Mom and baby were in good hands, the small-town Southern gentleman inside of me couldn’t stop thinking about her being alone. I told myself I was just going to check-in on them—that it was the right thing to do. I wasn’t prepared to fall for a baby or Gwen, but when did anything else go as planned?


With Gwen’s tragic loss and unexpected pregnancy, she was closed off and struggling to keep her head above water. I knew I was wading into unchartered territory I had no business trying to navigate, but when a boy meets a girl, what’s a boy to do?

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