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GIVEAWAYS for Diamond!

...I went and did a thing. There was a bit of confusion about Dear Diamond, so I changed the cover to more accurately reflect the story, and THIS is the result. I AM SO IN LOVE with this cover. And because I love it so much, I want everyone to see it.

There are two GIVEAWAYS going on over on my Facebook page. (Links to giveaways are below.) One is a rafflecopter, and there is a "new cover" post that has a $25 gift card and signed paperback for prizes. All you have to do is share, share, share! Hop on over and clicky, clicky!


She wasn’t mine to claim—I knew nothing about her.

But then our eyes met…

She danced on stage, exposed in more ways than just her lack of clothing. I expected to see lust. Instead, I got anger, hatred, resentment. She was in deep with the company I’d escaped, and my presence at Club Swank made me guilty by association.

But I refused to let them have her.

I’d protect her at all costs. After all, they owed me.

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