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November News

Beauty Mark releases in eighteen days. EIGHTEEN! I feel like I've been sitting on this book for so long. Maybe that's because it's one of my favorites or because I spent so long working on it. It's my first real contemporary romance and also my longest novel. I find myself still thinking about and dreaming with the characters-I'm unwilling to let them go.

This book was inspired by a MOMA video where an artist and old lover meet unexpectedly in a moment of silence. I've watched the video countless times and every time I see it, it brings me to tears. That one minute, sixty seconds, of quiet interaction shreds me. I kept asking myself why she didn't run after him when he got up? How could she let him leave when it was so evident how profoundly they still affected each other? Beauty Mark is my interpretation of their relationship before breakup, during their time apart, and their reunion. (Here's the link to the YouTube video in case you're interested.

Fall in love with Callie, Davis, Hayden, and Liam on November 21st when Beauty Mark goes live on Amazon.

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