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Siren Song Series
ISBN-13: 978-1501047169 
ISBN-10: 1501047167 

Cameron Pierce is an overachiever—CEO of Regional Bank, force to be reckoned with in the Boardroom, and beautiful to boot.  At 24, an earth-shattering event set her life goals.  But is she fulfilled?  Idolized by those around her she’s—kind, forceful, intelligent, driven, and successful.  Cam is surrounded by close friends and consumed by her career. 


At first glance, Dax Cooper appears to be a playboy—carefree, cocky, arrogant, and devoid of intelligent thought but sexy with a face and a body that drive women crazy. Cameron believes in this façade when he continually manages to walk right past her gatekeeper with constant interruptions.  He is everything she doesn’t like in a male.  Unlike Cam, Dax has walked away from a talent and a life that had been his passion in exchange for family and friends.  Unmotivated by money and a career, he too is embarking on change. 


Tragedy strikes Cameron for the second time in her life.  Attacked by a stranger, in an instant, her life, her psyche, and the essence of her being appear to be permanently scarred at best.  If she survives the physical injuries, will she survive the mental trauma? 


Metamorphosis is the story of a woman’s struggle to regain her confidence and repair her shattered life following a random, brutal attack.  With the help of the man she had pushed away, she chooses the path that she will follow for the rest of her life.  She undergoes a metamorphosis—not by choice but by the will to survive.


**Warning: Due to graphic sexual content and language, this work is not intended for audiences under eighteen years of age.

Siren Song #2
ISBN-13: 978-1534838062
ISBN-10: 1534838066 

Sometimes two souls connect on a level where words go unspoken and they just know. 

Their hearts align and right or wrong—they just know. 

When Moby and Piper collide—they just know. He didn’t have to shout his love from the mountaintops. The only heart that needed to hear his words listened silently to his soul’s communication. A bond that would transcend time and unexpected heartache. 

The moment Piper laid eyes on Moby—she just knew. She didn’t have to await results. All the evidence she needed was there…taunting her, challenging her, testing their resolve. Daring her to persevere. 

Parents, siblings, and countless friends—none of them knew. Oblivious to their turmoil, blind to their pain. Had they opened their eyes, it was there in front of them, for everyone to see…if only they looked. 

A broken man. 
A shattered woman. 
A crumbling marriage. 
No one knew. 

(Inspired by a true story)

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