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Label Me Proud is LIVE

We’ve been best friends since we were five: Beau, Masyn, and me.

But nothing’s as simple as it seems.

Relationships change and so do people.

Especially now.

With Beau getting married, and a new girl in town, it’s time to confess.

I’m in love with my best friend.

…And I think I’m too late.

“This story was amazing from the get go. It’s all about protecting your family and friends.”

Cranky—The Book Curmudgeon

“As I edged toward the end of the book, I dreaded reading because I didn’t want their story to be over.” Carina Adams, Bestselling Author

“Walls built her foundation of love and only added to it with each chapter she wrote closing.” Emily Goodman, Goodreads

“There are second-chance romances. There are friends-to-lovers romances. But none come close to how amazing and perfect Label Me Proud is.” Leddy Harper, Bestselling Author

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