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Bound Duet - Rerelease Explanation

I've had a number of readers reach out to ask me if these are the same books I released in 2014. Technically, the answer is yes...but not really. I wanted to take a moment to explain how these revisions came to be and what they included.

Veteran authors will tell you to go back through your work, update it, recover it, give it a new blurb. Essentially, every book needs a facelift of sorts every few years if you're going to keep it on the market. At the end of 2016, I decided Bound by Love and Freed no longer represented who I am as an author in their current state. I took the advice of my peers and embarked on new covers and updated blurbs. I allotted myself two weeks per novel to go through and clean up the writing, make it tighter and more my current style. I had taken them out of circulation in August and was eager to get them back up, but when I started reading through Bound, I realized there would be no simple read through...there was going to be a total overhaul.

By the time Bound releases on April 19th, it will have undergone five complete rewrites from what I published in 2014. I eliminated insignificant side characters who didn't further the plot, added in a character and subplot to explain Annie's history, took the tense from present to past, eliminated Gray's point of view entirely, and took it out of erotica and placed it firmly in contemporary romance. In doing so, the story morphed into something quite different than the original version. It is now so vastly different I didn't feel I could rerelease it as a "new version" because it's so much more--it's a different story. In hindsight, I wish I had renamed the two main characters and completely changed the name of the book because it's THAT different. After each beta had read the book, they came back with valid changes that needed to make and another rewrite would ensue. What was supposed to be a two-week project, turned into months.

My publicist kept telling me, "You only get one chance to re-release a book. Make it count." I took those words to heart, and hope the readers agree.

When I got to Freed, I knew there would be no simple update. Annie's beginning had completely changed and therefore, so had her ending. While Freed only underwent two complete re-writes, I spent just as much time creating the story that should have been told years ago. Again, with Gray's POV eliminated, Brett's was enhanced, it went from present to past tense, erotica to contemporary romance, and with it came the addition of Lissa to Dan's life. Nothing about Freed resembles the old version other than Annie and Brett are the leading characters.

I'm proud to put these two books back out on the market. I hope those who read the original versions will pick these up as well. And those who didn't will give these a shot. They're nothing like Beauty Mark and Fallen Woman, but they are where this journey started for me. Annie, Gray, and Brett will forever hold a piece of my heart for the simple fact that they opened the window to a dream.

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