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What's coming next...

Once I finish with the collection of short stories and publish Strangers I will go back to working on the two novels that have been on the back burner for months. For those of you who have read Metamorphosis, the next book in the series, Compass, will also be a stand alone about Moby and Piper. I hope to have it out this summer.

I am also working on another novel that is more dark fiction than romance called chimera (yes, that's intentionally not capitalized). I hope to release it this summer as well but it may be early fall. This has been an extremly difficult story for me to write. The pain the characters feel takes an emotional toll on me. I recently deleted 10K written words because they weren't right. The heronine wants her voice to be heard! Long story short, it is taking me considerably longer to write to ensure I get Bastian and Sera's story they way they want it to be told.

For anthology lovers, I will be participating in an anthology all about love! The story I will be submitting is titled, Neighbors staring Liam Jeffries and Corinth Shell. The final draft has to be in to the editor the first week of May with an anticipated publication date in June!

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