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I'm behind...

It's been a while since I have posted anything but wanted to give everyone an update on what I'm doing. First of all, I have pulled my e-books from all platforms except A lot of thought went into that decision but it basically came down to the fact that I was spending an exorbitant amount of time formatting and publishing for places like Barnes & Noble and iBooks and seeing very little return. Since this is not my full-time job, I have to use my resources and time in the best way possible. Ultimately, this is the decision that I came to. The paperbacks are still available in my store, at Barnes & Noble, and Amazon but e-books are not.

Secondly, after releasing Metamorphosis, I had planned to start writing Compass (the second book in the Siren Song series) but the characters had something else in mind. Compass will still be coming out (at some point) but I started working on a stand alone called chimera. (And no, it is not supposed to be capitalized.) I'm hesitant to release chimera as it is not a typical romance novel and in all honest, may not end up falling into the romance genre at all. It is a much darker piece that I have worked on in the past and won't have the basic criteria to be considered erotica or romance. I have tried to put these characters to the back of my mind but they keep speaking to me and I haven't been able to work on anything else. I'm excited about it and hope to release it in the next couple of months.

Both chimera and Compass, will be featuring the work of Christopher John of CJC photography. The photographer himself will be gracing the cover of chimera and the beautiful Baily Lee will be on the cover of Compass.

In other news, I switched editors for my last book, Metamorphosis, and will be partnering with Jordan Knott again on the editing of chimera. (If you need an editor he is fabulous!)

All in all, I hope 2015 shapes up as well as 2014 did. I will be thrilled if I can release another three novels this year. I'm going to try to keep the same release dates I used this year so be on the look out April 15, July 7, and September 30!

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