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Projects and new books on the horizon

While writing Freed, the sequel to Bound, I was side tracked by two characters that began taking up space in my head, Cameron and Dax. Their story was so powerful that I stopped working on Freed for several weeks to get a large portion of their story down. With Freed's editing date looming over me, I set these two aside.

I finished the first draft of Freed after two very tearful days of writing last weekend. I have now done one round of edits, cried through that read as well, and will do another round this week. I have sent the manuscript for a line edit and it will go to a couple of betas before it hits my editor's email the last week of May. I hope readers love this story as much as I loved writing it. It rips at my heart every time I read certain scenes and I hope that readers feel that when they read it.

Anyhoots - This month will prove crazy busy with cover designs for Freed, betas, and editing but luckily, most of those things don't take my time so I can go back to Cameron and Dax in Metamorphosis. Their story identified itself as the prequel to the next series I had planned to work on - Siren Songs. Many of the Siren Song characters will be introduced in Metamorphosis.

I can't wait to get these stories down on paper! I'm very excited and hope to have at least one of the intitial series out by the end of the year which will put me at four releases this year! Whew!

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