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Excerpt from Bound - the first kiss :)

He takes my hand, pulling me to him. I’m standing so close I can feel his breath; it smells like peppermint. My nipples brush against him, instantly hardening.

He releases my hand, curling one hand around my neck, the other on my cheek. I haven’t moved. My eyes are fixed on his. I can feel myself breathing heavily as he bends down, his eyes slowly closing. Mine close naturally in response. His lips touch mine; they’re lush and soft, but it’s the electricity that I feel the moment we touch that sends heat straight to my core.

Parting his lips, his tongue gently brushes against my mouth, encouraging me to open to him. It’s not hurried; it’s a slow, gentle kiss, so sensual. Our tongues find each other. The feel of him in my mouth drenches my panties. The dance is intoxicating, give and take, back and forth. It’s full of emotion. I’m not sure what it’s saying, but I’m ready to find out.

He gently pulls away, but only enough to break the kiss, lightly pecking me on the lips, tugging slightly on my bottom lip with his teeth. He leans his forehead in to mine and just looks at me. The gesture is surprisingly intimate. That cocky grin shows up, never breaking eye contact, he says, “Now, I’m ready.”

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